Invalid access token when just getting started

I am following this sample.

I generate the signature just fine.

When I test the signature at it says invalid signature.

If I change any detail in the decoded part and then change it back - it presents a new and valid signature.

If I take that new signature and try and use it instead of the one I auto generate - it still fails.

What am I missing? I’ve read through a bunch of the other “invalid access token” threads (thats how I learned about jwt-io) but I dont see anything specific to this case.

Resolved it. Was using SDK creds and not JWT creds. I dont really get what the difference between the two are. JWT is server side only?

Anyways - appears to be working.

Happy to hear you figured out the issue! :slight_smile:

Yes, you must use JWT for the Web SDK because it is web based.


Ohh. So SDK creds are for the native APIs. Got it.


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Yep! :slight_smile: