Invalid authorization code for same client id and client code

Hi @tommy,

I am getting invalid authorization code while I am using same client id and client code, it was working for me till yesterday, but today it is not working.
Request and response are as follows


"reason": "Invalid authorization code 04fZbtsGFA_P30L4tA5QQmUg870PemO8w",

"error": "invalid_request"


Please suggest if any changes required from my side.


Hi @prem,

Did you get the most recent code after you hit Authorize?{authorization_code}

Hey @prem.srivastava,

After requesting an access_token with the code in the query param, the code in the redirect url is no longer valid because you can get a new access_token using the refresh_token.

For some reason if you need a new authorization code, then you must reinstall / re authorize the app like @michael_p.zoom mentioned above.

Let me know what questions you have!


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