Invalid authorization code



I am getting this Issue while creating the access token

"reason": “Invalid authorization code 3bOeNZhN5g_FdHcVNkRQWmmZ2yelHbZEQ”,
"error": "invalid_request"

Can you please suggest me how to resolve this issue.before it was working fine now it is not working.

I am requesting like this.{0}

I can able to get Authorisation code and after creating the access token it getting this issue.








Hi Mahesh,

   Please check your redirect_uri that you are passing at the time of token generation, the redirect_uri should be same as that of  successful code generation. This will help you fix the token generation error. Please update us if this resolves the issue.

On our end we will have a fix for this error message invalid authorization code by this month end release.