Invalid authorization code

I’m using zoom’s marketplace App for integrate zoom through the REST-API

I followed the authentication process and get redirected to my site with
the authorization code:  (


as described here.

But the following request for access_token is not working, I get this response:

“reason”: “Invalid authorization code t0rodWR1Le_wwqo1VVWSrOOlPFPPFl6hA”,
“error”: “invalid_request”

It did work last week and I have changed nothing, now its not working neither in Postman nor on my project. 
Please tell me if there is a solution for it, or do I make anything wrong, I have checked that I did everything according to the docs, and placed the right redirect uri.


Hi Evgeny, 

A couple things

  1. Are you using your development credentials or production credentials? If you’re using your production credentials you will need to generate a publishable url for your production credentials to work. 
  2. Do you have your client ID and Secret listed as the Username and Password within Postman?

This is the url that I used to generate access token within your account - 


Hi thank you for the help.

I have just noticed that there is a correct response on the first time and an invalid response on the same request again(same ‘code’), which maybe make sense.

It appears that wix made the request twice on first load (server side and client side), so I got the second invalid response. 
It was possible to make it run just on the client so everything fine now.


Hi Evgeny, 

Glad to know that everything is working out. Please let us know if you need anything else.