Invalid meeting ID / error code 3001

Error when trying to access a past meeting for a user (both created by API) from the web interface

Blank screen with error message “Invalid meeting ID. (3,001)”

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Go to with our account

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hey @marcom-connect,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Was this meeting by any chance an instant meeting (type 1 when creating via API)?

Or alternatively, was the original host of the meeting changed since it was created?

These are two common scenarios that could contribute to this kind of error. Let me know when you have a chance—thanks!

Hi Will thank you for your answer,

All our meetings are created by the same script but only a few portion of them throws this error.
It seems that we don’t fall under these scenarios because this script create meeting with type 2 (scheduled) and it does not change the host. (6 yesterday out of +2300 and no one before the past 6 months)

We can’t access the meeting via zoom backend (even when trying to edit the meeting - see the screenshot attached).

The only temporary fix we are able to use is to manualy delete the corrupted api user + meeting (each api user hosting a meeting) and the script recreate the api user and his meeting exactly with the same parameters as before, but this time it works.
We just kept this user and meeting for you to be able to debug (

Hey @marcom-connect,

Thanks for getting back to me with these additional details. We’re looking into this for you. (ZOOM-260771).

Thanks, and I’ll be in touch,

Hi @marcom-connect,

We believe this should be resolved—can you please confirm? :slight_smile:


Hello Will,

OK, thank you.
The link for this meeting is working now.

What was the problem and how can we be sure that it will not happen again?
(we used the same api calls and parameters for almost a year now without any issue and since yesterday, we had 12 different and random cases so we are a bit afraid because we were not able to do anything except deleting the user and the corresponding meeting…)

Hi @marcom-connect,

It appears this was the result of a caching bug on our end—however, it’s been addressed and should no longer present an issue.


OK, thank you for the correction and explanation

No problem, glad I could help!

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