Meeting not existed Error (3001)

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We are an online education service, we use zoom api to create meeting in advance, and teacher start the meeting with the the start_url from /meeting/id endpoint. We had a couple of reports today that multiple meetings end up with error message Meeting not existed Error (3001).

after clicking start_url, it goes to a page hosted by zoom with an error message

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The affected meeting ids are

we had to delete these meeting, and created new ones when this happened. But when it happened, these meeting do exists, because, we were able to call /api/meetings/id to fetch start_url

Had another instance just now, the meeting id is [REDACTED], we used the start_url from this response and ends up with 3001, had to delete and create a new one instead

"endpoint": "",
"response_headers": [
"Set-Cookie: zm_aid="";; Expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:10 GMT; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly"
"date_time": "2021-06-08 14:30:21",
"method": "GET",
"request_body": "N/A",
"response": "{"uuid":"[REDACTED]","id":"[REDACTED],"host_id":"[REDACTED]","host_email":"[REDACTED]","assistant_id":"","topic":"Scratch Ninja 3 (2:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 6/08, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29)","type":8,"status":"waiting","timezone":"America/Los_Angeles","agenda":"Unit 3 covers the most advanced programming concepts that Scratch has to offer such as list/array, defining your own blocks (functions), and complex interactions between different game elements. In this Advanced Scratch class, students will design and deliver projects on their own, spending significant time outside of class to complete projects successfully. The end-to-end process includes designing games in response to a users' preferences, organizing the design process into multiple steps, and structuring codes in efficient ways.","created_at":"2021-03-27T01:51:45Z","start_url":"[RECACTED].",
"request_headers": [
"accept-encoding: gzip,deflate",
"accept: application/json",
"authorization: ******",
"connection: close",
"user-agent: node-fetch/1.0 (+"
"request_params": [
"http_status": "200"

Hey @yz1,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Looking at these meetings I was able to see that each meeting was deleted by the same user that created it - the account owner. If you’re using JWT or account level OAuth this would indicate it was done via API.

Meeting *******7741: Deleted at 2021-06-07 17:35:27 (GMT)

Meeting *******9414: Deleted at 2021-06-07 16:03:13 (GMT)

Meeting *******4890: Deleted at 2021-06-08 21:30:26 (GMT)

Let me know if that helps.


Hello @MaxM

The error happened before the meeting was deleted. The reason we deleted the meeting was precisely this error and we had to recreate the meeting.

And because we used the start_url from response of to start meeting, that api call would fail if the meeting was deleted before that. So it’s a different error

Hey @yz1,

Thanks for clarifying, are you able to provide a meeting ID that hasn’t been deleted? The error Meeting Does Not Exist can happen when the meeting has been deleted to it’ll be difficult to troubleshoot deleted meetings.


I cannot reproduce this, so it’s hard to produce another meeting id, so far it happened 3 times in the past 2 days with 3 different meeting id I posted. We have 60+ hosts under the same account, and programatically manage the meetings. When this happened, we had to delete and recreate new ones to start our video conference.
Are you able to look up the logs, for example, when anyone tried to join or start meeting [REDACTED] ? As I posted, “date_time”: “2021-06-08 14:30:21” is the timestamp I call successfully called[REDACTED]to get start_url, which leads to that error page with 3001. The meeting was deleted after this

Hey @yz1,

I checked out logs for that meeting and saw many successful requests to the Get a Meeting API for that meeting. All requests responded with a 200 OK status.

Then, at 2021-06-08T21:30:26.876Z, the Delete a Meeting API was called on that meeting and all subsequent requests responded with a 404 status.

Let me know if that helps.


Maybe if you can reproduce this, it was just a single bug , and it was fixed by a minor update?

Thank you for your guidance. You’re right, it’s possible this was an intermittent issue or something we’ve fixed already.

Let me know if you see this going forward @yz1.


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