Invalid redirect 4,700 for testable url and publishable url

I have created a bot with a personal zoom account. Now I have to show how the Bot works to another company and I need to send some chats to a user with an account on that company. First question. Do I have to share with them the testable URL or the publishable URL so they can install the Bot? This app is not going to be on the market place is an internal tool on the company.
And the second question was related to the error that I’m getting when I try to use the testable or the publishable links:
I tried to use both links (testable URL or the publishable URL) and none of them are working I’m getting Invalid Redirect
I’m using ngrok for forwarding.
WFM_CHATBOT_TEST is the name of my app
Redirect URL for OAuth: Sign In - Zoom
Whitelisted URLs:

Invalid redirect 4,700.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Screenshots (If applicable)

Thanks in advance

Hi @MortensenC,

Will the users you’re sharing the URL with belong to the same account as yours, or an external Zoom account? If it’s the former, they should be able to use either URL.

Can you also double check that you’ve Whitelisted your ngrok URL as well?


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