Invalid redirect url (4,700) in unpublished app

We have an integration that allows our application to schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of our users. We registered a user managed OAuth app that we intend to publish to the Zoom marketplace. We haven’t submitted the app yet (we are currently in the process of validating the domain name), but we requested the ability to share the app with other accounts (see the image below).

The problem is that I’m getting “Invalid redirect url (4,700)” when I try to connect a Zoom account to our application. But if I’m already logged in on, then the authorization works fine. For some reason this doesn’t work if I’m logged in with my work email (which is on the same domain as the redirect URL). In this case I’m getting the error “Invalid redirect: {RedirectUrl} (4,700)”, where {RedirectUrl} is the redirect URL that I specify in the authorization request.

Here is what I tried so far:

  • Added the redirect URL to the whitelist.
  • Regenerated the verification token and the publishable URL.
  • Copied the Publishable URL from App Marketplace and tried to open it in the browser - same error.

We also have a couple other apps that we use in other environments (testing, stage), and those work fine. The only difference is that we didn’t request to share those apps with other accounts.

Hey @alex404,

Can you send me the install url so I can test it?

If you are requesting an access token, make sure to send a POST request.


Hi @tommy,

Here is the publishable URL from Zoom marketplace.

Please note that in order to complete the installation, the authorization request must have a “state” query parameter (which is added automatically by our application when the user starts the authorization), but since the authorization doesn’t get to that point, you can still use the publishable URL to reproduce the error.

Also, I added to the whitelist both
h++ps:// (changed the URL due to forum limits)

but it didn’t make any difference.

Thanks for the info @alex404,

We are investigating the issue and will get back to you. (ZOOM-162618)