Invalid redirect (4700) during oauth flow

We have received reports from users of an “invalid redirect” error when they attempt to authorize our app in the marketplace.

As the developer, I am also now experiencing the issue, though had no issue when the app was first published and approved. I am not seeing the issue in our development environment, using the development credentials

Invalid redirect: (4,700)

Which App?
Scoir Office Hours

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open “Publishable URL”
  2. See error

Additional context
I created a new zoom account (basic) and am not seeing the issue. Our belief is that it’s related to the user accessing the oauth flow, not the marketplace app settings.

Hey @dayne,

Thanks for reporting this, we will work on fixing it asap. (/ZOOM-162618)


Hey @tommy,

Thanks for looking into this. I’m wondering if there is any progress in resolving the underlying issue or if there is more information that’d be helpful from our end.


  • Dayne

Hey @dayne,

All I need was the app name which you provided. Apologies for the delays, I have just prioritized this.

If you want an immediate work around, you can create a new OAuth app.


Hey @dayne,

Please check to see if it works now. :slight_smile:


Hey Tommy,

Same result as before. I’ve tried both logged out and already logged into zoom, both methods are receiving the same “Invalid redirect” error page

Hey @dayne,

Your app is named Scoir Office Hours right? I have requested priority to fix it.


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