Invalid Redirect error on getting access token OAuth

I have created a new app(OAuth) on Marketplace which is yet to be published.

I want to use the Test credentials. But when I try to get access token from Zoom API reference portal. I get this error.
Invalid redirect: (4,700)

Also I have already checked the Redirect URL for OAuth and Whitelist URL are same and both are https

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Hey @raman1,

When using the test request feature on our docs, set the redirect and whtielist URL to

That will fix the issue.


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Okay. So can I use Test request from my Website and keep redirect & whitelist URL as my website domain?
Or for Test request it always has to be ?

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Hey @raman1,

For using the Test Request feature on our docs, you need to use for the redirect and whitelist urls.

Is that what you are asking?


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I had the same problem and was simply following what is written under the “Example Test Request” section on the official docs, which says to use as redirect URL.

The solution for me was simply to add to the Whitelist URL list.

Maybe the official guide should be updated with this info to save time to developers that try to use your API. Thank you


Hey @flawyte,

Thanks for your feedback! We will get this updated asap!



thanks @flawyte for saving my time…already wasted an hour.

The solution for me was simply to add to the Whitelist URL list. . Indeed

I wonder why zoom has purposely skipped this important information in the docs.

I guess they want to have fun :’(

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Hey @ofd.aws96,

We will update our docs asap to fix this. @shrijana.g

Apologies for the confusion and time lost.



Hi @tommy @ofd.aws96

This information was added to the docs after @flawyte first brought this to our attention. It is listed in the Example Test Request, Step #3 in this doc:
I have also updated the call out in the page which might have been misleading. Thank you for letting us know about this.

Thank you,

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