Invalid redirect URL after adding new url

Hello there,

We have recently updated the redirect URLs on our application, however, whenever we use the publishable URL we are getting the following error - Invalid redirect: (4,700). We have also tried to resubmit the app multiple times for publishing to the marketplace, but at this stage we just need to get the app started atleast with the publishable url!


Thank you for posting on the Zoom Developer Forum! I see you are receiving an “Invalid redirect error.” There are a number of reasons why this error can occur. As a test, can you remove the Development redirect URL in the App credentials section? Could you make sure that you only include the production redirect URL when testing as well?

Also, perform a test with a test URL to ensure it works as expected. Try this and let us know if it helps.

Test the App Locally

When it comes to publishing in the Marketplace, you will need to contact a Marketplace Specialist to review your submission for more guidance on what you will need to change in order to have your application published in the Zoom Marketplace. I am also posting a support document along with an FAQ for publishing to the Marketplace.

Zoom App Marketplace Review Process

Check review status

Submission Checklist

Updating an app

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about this.

hi @donte.zoom I have tried the steps mentioned, however, I am still getting the error! We need urgent support on this.

@reportcard ,

Can share a screenshot of the configuration for your Marketplace App ? Be sure to omitted personal identifiable information such as the client ID and secret.

I am unable to attach a screenshot. I get the error that I am unable to attach media in a post!

Attaching it from a drive url - Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 5.23.14 PM.png - Google Drive

Hi Donte,
Anuj has attached the screen shot. Can we please expedite as to how this couls be resolved.

Hi @reportcard @naresh.pawar1 ,

Just checked the screenshot. Are you authorizing using the publishable URL? In that case, this needs to be whitelisted too : “

I would recommend validating “” (base URL)

I already have the domain in the allowlist. What am I doing wrong here

Any update on this @ojus.zoom @naresh.pawar1

Sorry for the delayed response. When you are trying to request the access token from Zoom, can you check for the following in your post request ?<auth_code>&redirect_uri=<prod_redirect_url> ? It seems that your redirect URL is incorrect.

@ojus.zoom Please see the google drive link shared. The redirect url is already on the allowlist!

I’m unable to attach the link again, but it is in this thread already

Hi. @ojus.zoom @naresh.pawar1,

I’m from Anuj’s team and following up for an urgent response here. This is impacting our client on-boarding on a regular basis.

@ojus.zoom is there anyone else who can help us?

Hi @nitin2 ,

sorry for the delay here. I will DM you to get this resolved over a meeting.