Invalid redirect using company login

I am trying to use my company’s API Key and Secret using the OAuth tutorial and I’m getting an “Invalid redirect error”

Which Endpoint/s?
Not sure.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. I followed this tutorial –
  2. When I edited the config.js file, I wasn’t sure what to put for the “redirectURL” parameter
  3. I ran the “node.js index.js” command
  4. I connected to http://localhost:3000
  5. I get prompted for my username and password, but I the selected “Sign in with SSO” instead (see screenshot).
  6. I enter my company domain and click Continue
  7. I sign in with my SSO username and password and I get the “Invalid redirect: websiteurl (4700)” error

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Hey @steven.wadsworth, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

The Redirect URL is the url to take the user after they authorize your app. In most cases you will take your user to a /authorize path and grab the code in the query params and use that to request an access_token.

Also see this thread for using a localhost redirect url:



OK, great. My company gave me the API Key and Secret, but I’m trying to test that in Postman and not by creating an app in the Marketplace. Creating the app in the Marketplace pre-populates the API Key and Secret, but it seems I need their API Key and Secret to be able to access the API. We do not have JWT and I’ve been trying it with OAuth.

Hey @steven.wadsworth,

What do you mean by this? In order to call the Zoom API’s you have to create an App here, so you can get API credentials.


Yes, and I’ve tried that. And I get this error . . . “An account admin is required to install this type of app. Please contact your account admin or IT administrator to install this app.” For both the Account-level and User-managed apps.

Thanks @steven.wadsworth, I am guessing you don’t have the development permissions.

Can you have your Zoom Account Admin give you a role ( with the the Developer, Marketplace, and Integrations permissions?