Invalid State Parameter when Installing App through Local Test

When I am testing my application through the “Local Test” tab, it fails with the error “Invalid state parameter”. See below for the Authorization URL I am using.

However, I have some of my users add this using the /install route. During the first time they install this app, and first time only, they also get this error.

How come when authorizing the app for the first time, we run into this error? I do not want my first time users to face this issue.

Is this an error with adding the app via marketplace? It seems like if the app is added for the first time, it doesn’t pass the state variable through. Same with the Authorization URL in the screenshot above.

I don’t think I will remove that check in my server code (since that would break OIDC protocol), but I also don’t want my end users facing this issue the first time they install.

I’m having the same issue.

Any updates?

Hi @h.g , can you confirm if you’re following the process outlined here at time stamp 4:13:

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