Invalid TLS cert from Zoom webhooks

We are using an updated version of the Splunk Connect add-on for zoom that uses the Zoom secret to verify the webhooks that are being sent.

The certificate in use matches the webhook URL from the zoom side. We are a bit at a loss since everything seems to match up with the requirements from both the Splunk add-on and Zoom. We are using a Sectigo (Comodo) certificate as I have seen other posts where the particular certificate/vendor wasn’t supported so not sure if that is a culprit but there is not a list of supported cert vendors that I can find publicly.

Hi @brawnyplatypus
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
Here is a link to our Docs where you will find some of the endpoint requirements:

Hey @elisa.zoom ,

Appreciate the follow up here I have reviewed those requirements and on paper the application meets those requirements and I need more information on what the issue could be if whilst using a valid certificate from a publicly trusted CA, why are we still getting the invalid TLS cert

Thanks for the follow up @brawnyplatypus
I will send you a private message with some follow-up questions