Invalid Value for duration > 120

I’m trying to create a meeting with a duration of 180 minutes.
It’s fine for other integer values and the docs don’t say anything about a limit on duration.


{"errors":[{"value":180,"msg":"Invalid value","param":"duration","location":"body"}]}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?


Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @Michael_prox,

Are you on a Free/Basic plan by chance? Have you tried putting 180 in quotes?

Let me know‚ thanks!

Definitely a licensed account. I can try putting 180 in quotes but that’s a reach given that all other numbers up to 120 work and do not need quotes. Not to mention the docs specify it should be an integer.

Hey @Michael_prox,

Thanks for confirming—can I kindly ask that you share the exact request URL and full body you’re passing with us directly at As I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue locally, I’d like to make sure there’s not something else interfering with your request. Please include the user/email you’re scheduling the meeting under as well.


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