Invitation Link by participants and recurrences


  1. I am trying to get the Invitation link or the joining link by participant(s). I found that I can get the invitation link by meeting_id, however the meeting might contain multiple participants. Do all participants receive the same invitation link ?

  2. Can a participant join a meeting with this invitation link or is there another link called join link ?

  3. Also, some of the meetings are recurring meetings. So I was wondering if Zoom sends the invitation link for each of the occurrences to the participants or just one single invite link to the main meeting. If it is only one link, can the participant re-use the same link for all the recurring meetings ?

Hi @kavin.kannan,

All participants will be provided the same join_url, unless you require registration—in which case unique join_urls can be generated.

The join_url is the only link participants need to join the meeting.

The join_url for recurring meetings will not change—each occurrence will use the same URL.


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