inviteUrlFormat doesn't work after sdk update

After updating meeting web SDK from V2.3.5 to V2.7.0 the inviteUrlFormat param doesn’t work anymore.
Any suggestion to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance

you mean

@param {string} [params.inviteUrlFormat=‘’] - Customize the invite url format: https://yourdomain/{0}?pwd={1}. Only available v2.4.0+ and after asking Zoom to set the Enable Client SDK Customize Invite Url flag

if I try with 2.7.0 ( “Client SDK Customize Invite Url flag” not asked)


inviteUrlFormat: “{0}?pwd={1}”,

zoom meeting don’t start → no error message - nothing (error handler broken !!!)

Hi Jürgen, do you know how to enable the flag? I can’t find any information on how to make the request to zoom.

Thank you in advance.

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