URL Scheme documentation and invite_links

I have a general and a specific question about the zoom url schemes.

General question:
The documentation for the url schemes seems to have moved, and I can’t find it’s new location. I see older posts pointing to it here (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/guides/client-url-schemes), but it no longer is there. Could you point me to the new location?

Specific question:
I am obtaining invite_links for each meeting invitee with their personal display name via the rest API. These links have a ‘wp’ query string parameter, presumably with the user specific information. These links are https: links not suitable for launching zoom from within a mobile app. So I need to reformat them to zoomus: or zoommtg: urls, which are in a different format. I’ve seen the zoomus: url format described informally in other locations as:


This format works correctly, however, the user joins without their invite_link display name. I’ve tried adding the ‘wp’ parameter from the original invite_link to the zoomus: link but that doesn’t work.

How do I use the zoomus: url scheme, and also get the custom display name for each user provided by the ‘wp’ parameter in the original invite_link?

i use two different links

for desktop:

for mobile:

more infos

Yes, that works. Thank you. The uname parameter does the trick. Are all the parameters documented somewhere? I haven’t been able to find it.