Iogin method is removed in v5.9.0


The new version of MacOS SDK has been launched. It’s a great news, thank you!
There are a lot of cool changes and additions.

But I have a question about login method removing:

- (ZoomSDKError)login:(NSString*)userName Password:(NSString*)password RememberMe:(BOOL)rememberMe;

Is it totally removed or is it just moved to another framework? Because I haven’t found something like login anywhere.

Hi @anton.yereshchenko, thanks for the post.

We’re certainly happy with the changes included in this release as well!

The ability to log into the SDK with email/pw was completely removed from the SDK platform. Moving forward, OAuth will be the recommended approach to authenticate users. A good place to get started with implementing OAuth would be our docmentation.

One important factor is that we do not yet have full support for PKCE OAuth, so server-to-server is the only option. If you have constraints preventing you from implementing server-to-server (i.e. no ability to host your own server), PKCE will be the best option once it is publicly available.


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