SDK upgrade problem

When we upgraded the Meeting SDK referenced in the APP from V5.2.42037.1112 to V5.10.1.3038, we found that a previous MobileRTCAuthService API for user login was removed as follows. No alternative was found in the new SDK; Therefore, I would like to ask how to use email and password login in THE SDK of V5.2.42037.1112. To replace the removed method below.

  • (BOOL)loginWithEmail:(nonnull NSString*)email password:(nonnull NSString*)password rememberMe:(BOOL)rememberMe;

Hi @wangqi,

The ability to login with the SDK directly no longer exists, so you will need to utilize OAuth for user authentication. Once a user successfully completes the Zoom OAuth flow, you can get their ZAK through the REST API to pass into the SDK.