Ionic-angular - customise web client size

It is at possible to customise the webclient screen size.

With the app we’re trying to create, we would want to all a host to present content to an attendee. So to have content and the zoom webclient running from inside same browser window, currently the webclient takes over the all of the viewable window, so covers over the previous view.

In light of the iframe technique being deprecated, how would you recommend we control the dimensions of the webclient. If this is at possible.

Alot of elements inside the “zmmtg-root” div are positioned to be fixed. So is this the intent for webclient…to be fullscreen?

Hey @gpsimmo,

Currently the Web SDK is designed to take over the whole screen. There is no out of the box way to customize the size, but you can use CSS.

We are working on a more customizable Web SDK in the future.