iOS 14, join meeting web page

When the user is redirected to the zoom web page which should redirect the user to the zoom app, no alert is displayed to ask the user to open the zoom app as it used to be. This is an issue happening only on iOS 14.
On iOS 14:

On iOS 13:

Hi @nicolas.bonnet,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Have you tried clicking the “launch meeting” link above the join number in the iOS 14 screen?

Let me know when you have a chance!

  • Will

I didn’t. It will probably work but I just wanted to let you know an iOS 14 issue that you may want to fix.
To be honest, I prefer by far an alert to open the zoom app than having to read the whole screen, ignore the call to action button and find the little link to go to the application.

PS: iOS 14 has been released last week and more and more users are upgrading their OS.

Hey @nicolas.bonnet,

Thanks for the heads up! Feel free to share this directly with our Product and Support team by reaching out to :slight_smile:


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