iOS 14 - Local network access alert after entering Zoom meeting UI

In iOS 14 we are getting Local network access alert after entering Zoom meeting UI after starting/joining a call.

This is introduced in iOS 14 to take permission from user before accessing devices in local network. This comes soon after entering the Zoom default meeting UI. May be Zoom trying to gauge connection quality or packet loss etc by connecting to local internet router.

This is causing bit a discomfort for the user as this is not as clear as Location/Camera access. Like why would app connect to devices in their network as there is no straight forward use case or reason supporting this access.

Some option to suppress this access alert, if not possible to suppress it can we have some better and reasonable usage description to show to user.

Which Client iOS SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Initiate a zoom call by calling another user
  2. Enter the Zoom meeting default UI
  3. Observe that this alert is thrown to user asking access to devices in local network.
  4. See error

Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 11.57.36 PM

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

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  • OS: [e.g. iOS 14.3]

Hey @kiran_xcube

Thanks for using the dev forum!

I just did a fresh install of both my own test app and the MobileRTCSample app and saw the microphone and camera prompts when joining a meeting, but not this one. Are you sure it is the Zoom SDK that is causing this prompt upon joining? I believe I have seen this prompt in the SDK before, but it doesnt seem to be right when joining the meeting. The Zoom iOS SDK does support checking network quality and also supports Zoom Rooms which would require connecting to a local network device. As far as suppressing the alert, I do not believe there is any possible way since this is controlled by the OS. If it helps, we have provided the privacy list requested by Apple for the SDK here: App privacy details on the App Store for Zoom SDK - #7 by Michael_Condon


Hey @Michael_Condon ,

It is coming for the first time only when we enter the Zoom default UI while initiating/receiving the Zoom call. Not any where else in the application, just wanted to know if that is used to check the internet signal strength and if there is some setting similar to turning off audio/video etc to stop checking signal strength or some check that is done that triggers the above alert.

If there is no such setting that would prevent this alert, we can customise the string to let user know the reason for this alert. At this moment we are not sure why this alert is coming, it is just a guess that it might connecting to router to gauge the signal strength.

If you can confirm the reason we will keep a string that will give user an idea why this is being done. The present alert is like bit scary that we are trying to connect to the local devices in the network. Will update the usage description accordingly.


Hey @kiran_xcube,

I agree, it is not the most welcoming of warnings. This alert is triggered very easily by Apple. I am not sure the exact feature that triggers it, since it is presented by the OS itself. However, I would bet it is the meeting checking signal strength for the user.


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