iOS/Android Video Broadcast and Save


Basically I want to integrate SDK into our iOS/Android application and have couple of questions:

My requirement is as below:

  1. I want to broadcast video from the iOS and Android applications. Also, broadcast must work in background as well.
  2. So, users just need to start broadcast from the application and then he can share entire device screen with other users.
  3. Other users (who are on different devices) can join that broadcast stream and view it. (They can communicate one another and mute/unmute audio into streaming, etc.)
  4. Also, there are chances that more than 5000 concurrent users can view the same broadcast stream.
  5. Once user will stop the broadcast then all user can not see the streaming.
  6. At the end, we need to save entire video of broadcast streaming.

As per the iOS SDK and git-hub demo, I am actually not finding that whether all above points can be satisfied or not. Because streaming must work in background as well.

Can you please let me know that is above points can be satisfied with the SDK (iOS and Android) both? And is there any demo to check for same? Also, what things we need to do on server side?

Please review above details and share your input which will be helpful to integrate the SDK into our application.

Thank you.

Hey @nishant.bhindi,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Both platforms support broadcasting the screen, and both platforms can share the screen while backgrounding. For normal meetings the SDK can support 1000 participants, however, if the meeting is a webinar it can support up to 10000 participants. The broadcast is controlled by the user and can be started/ended at any time during the meeting. Further, when a user stops their broadcast the meeting will no longer see their broadcast stream. If recording is supported by the meeting, the video of the meeting can be saved.

I do not think you will need to do any server side work for this use-case. There is a demo that supports screensharing for both platforms: