Unable to send video content audio while screen broadcasting with Broadcast upload extension

Hello there,

I’m being working with screen broadcast.

Initially my approach was share view, later switched to Broadcast Upload Extension.

Basically i’m trying to screen share few presentations which also has video content with audio.
The problem i’m facing here is, when sharing my screen, if any video is played, user and host can talk but i was unable to send audio generated from video at the same time.

I tried AVAudioSession with playback, ambient and also with mixWithOther options and many modes in combination, but nothing really worked.
Also swizzled the setCategory, still didn’t work out.

Background mode Audio, Airplay and Picture in picture is active.

Videos are presented with AVPlayer and default playback from WKWebView(it loads the video from local directory).

Please provide a solution or workaround.

To Reproduce

  1. Create custom meeting, and let user joins the meeting.
  2. Start broadcasting screen.
  3. Player a local video in the application with AVPlayer or stream via wkwebview.
  4. Check at user end whether video sound is coming or not, also the sound from microphone must br heard at the same time.
  • Device: iPad pro
  • OS: iOS
  • Version 13.5.1

Thanks in advance!

Hi @nitesh.vishwakarma,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently the audio sharing feature only works in Zoom default UI. It is not yet supported under Custom UI mode.