iOS App getting crashed when clicking leave button in live webinar

Hi @elaine.ku @carson.zoom ,

App is still crashing in iPhone also while leaving the meeting with latest SDK ver 5.13.5

When i typed bt all;image list; on xcode console after the crash, it printed following error
error: bt [ | all]

But i got some results when i typed bt all and then image list on the Xcode console. Please download the files from below links which contains the output i got after typing bt all and image list

image list → image list.rtf - Google Drive

bt all —> bt all.rtf - Google Drive

bt all;image list; ----> iphoneCrash.png - Google Drive

I also noticed when i leave the meeting then meeting status changes to connecting after disconnecting in onMeetingStateChange delegate method.

Is there anything we need to do when meeting status changes to disconnecting? I mean why the status is changing from disconnecting to connecting while leaving the meeting.

Hi @coolgary90 ,

We’re now working on it and found some possible issues that cause the crash, but we cannot reproduce the problem you’ve mentioned to prove our finding. Would you please provide the detailed step to reproduce the issue?
Thank you


Hello @coolgary90 ,

Is there an update about the steps to reproduce the issue? We were trying to find out the root cause of this issue but would like to have your help to provide the steps.
Thank you


Hi @elaine.ku @carson.zoom

Detail steps are as follow:

  • Authorize the zoom SDK with client key and client secret.
  • Join the live zoom webinar by providing userName, meetingNumber and webinarToken
  • Able to attend the meeting successfully.
  • But when we try to leave the meeting by clicking leave meeting button, iOS app crashes.

Please check the below link of swift file which we are using to authorize the zoom SDK and join the meeting.

Please let me know if that helps to debug the issue.


Hello @coolgary90 ,

Our team has tried the same step as yours but we cannot reproduce the issue. We had looked into the swift file that you provided and wondering if the foundation onClickedEndButton is to leave the meeting since it didn’t use the leaveMeetingWithCmd function.