iOS SDK go slow / speed up title not coming proper

After joining meeting, more button last 2 options of go slow & speed up buttons title not coming proper.

Which iOS Client SDK version?
Using latest realeased version of iOS SDK.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
join the meeting from SDK and then join meeting.

screenshot attached.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Any iOS Device.

Hey @nickyj343,

Are you using the Zoom iOS SDK or the Zoom iOS Application?


Hello Yes i am using iOS SDK, with default UI.

Zoom iOS application it does not give title so its working fine there.

Hey @nickyj343,

Can you provide:

  • The exact SDK version number
  • iOS Device
  • iOS Version number


SDK Version : v5.5.12509.0401
iOS Device : iPhone 7
iOS Version No : 14.3

Hey @nickyj343,

I just ran using the latest version on the same device and did not see the same issue.
Can you try updating?


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