iOS URI launch protocol zoomus:// stopped working properly for hosts

zoomus:// no longer works for hosts. It did last week. When using this protocol, the app opens, but takes the user to the main app screen and not the meeting. No error messages are presented. We have tried force closing and restarting the device.

zoomus:// still works for participants.

Using this document as a reference:

We have attempted using:


A note that
works on Windows 10. This is why we attempted the same for Mobile. No go.

This works on mobile, but we want to avoid browser popup.

Additional Note:

The zoomus:// protocol as defined in the URL Schemes document referenced above does not include any kind of authentication in the parameters. HTTPS has the “zak” parameter. The goal is for the app to open, user is authenticated, and the meeting immediately launches. Just like the Web URL does, even on Mobile.

Hey @edu_dev4,

Does the URL scheme work if the host is logged into the Zoom Client (App)?


It also does not work if the user is already logged in.

The HTTPS link works in either case.

Thanks @edu_dev4.

I suggest using the start_url. I will look into why the deep link isn’t working.