Client URL Scheme to Open App only

We use Okta as our SSO service. The built in Okta-Zoom integration launches our users to their Web Dashboards. For many of them it’s confusing, especially if it’s the first time they’ve tried to run Zoom after being provisioned an account. I’m thinking a way we can workaround that is to have use a Client URL Scheme URI to open their Zoom App when they click on the link.

Firstly, there are several older posts (2020) that reference a URL Scheme page (h__ps://, but that document is no showing up. If this information is contained somewhere else, please provide an updated link to the document.

I’ve tried using zoommtg://start and zoommtg://join, but as you might expect, it opens a new browser tab, asks the user to open the app (what we want), but then proceeds to start a new meeting or join a meeting. I want a URL that will only open the Zoom client, landing on its logged-in main screen (where the user can schedule, join, etc.).

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Obviously if the user has never logged in, they’d have to do that first. Since we have SSO, it would be nice to build our SSO domain somehow into the URL.

I have managed to get zoommtg://, with nothing following the slashes, to bring up the app without joining/starting a meeting. But, it always seems to log the user out (see image)

Image 2: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I then thought that I could use zoommtg:// to do it, but it didn’t work (still gives the join/sign-in screen). Side note, if I’m already signed in before trying this out (as in I just quit the application, but down sign out of Zoom client), and choose “Sign-In” and then “SSO”, it doesn’t even open my browser, it just retrieves a stored session from within the client. So that’s a little better, but still having to push buttons is not great.

Now I’m almost there. I found that if you quit the client (without signing-out), and run this in the browser: zoommtg:// it will open the Zoom app, fully logged in (because the session is still fresh in the client).

The last piece I need, is if the user has never signed in, I’d like to leverage the fact that I already provide the SSO domain in the URL scheme as zoommtg://, so my user wouldn’t have to click “Sign-In” and then “SSO” to sign in. I want it to just go straight to the SSO redirection process to check with our SSO and return back to the client.

Is that possible? Since I don’t have access to the document mentioned above, I have been pretty much stumbling in the dark here. If not possible, is it too much to ask that this could be added as a feature request? One of our long-term roadblocks to unviersal adoption is on-boarding new users. Making this a zero-touch / one-click operation for end-users in our enterprise would make this way easier to roll out to all our users, and give them an A1 experience.

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Did you ever work this out @taylor.ralston? Very interested to know how so, if you did. Thanks!