iOS Zoom SDK 5.0 sample project

I am following the tutorial, your official site.
I think that tutorial followed by 4.x versioin sdk.

But I think following tutorial on sample project, which is included in SDK zip file, maybe similar at each version, 4.x and 5.x.

So I just insert the jwtoken which I can get from JWT App page from the app I created at zoom developer site.
In the tutorial, it requires below.

#define kSDKAppKey      @""
#define kSDKAppSecret   @""
#define kSDKDomain      @""

But at sample project in 5.0 sdk, it shows with below.

#define KjwtToken    @""
#define kSDKDomain   @""

My first question is that,
it is not okay to insert the token from zoom JWT app page to AppDelegate.h?

is any other additional code required to using 5.x SDK version, not shown at the tutorial?

… I think I have to use 4.6 version to follow the SDK tutorial.

Which version?
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Hi @cybaj,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Regarding your questions:

The JWT token here is not the JWT token you got directly from the Marketplace. You will need to generate the JWT token using SDK key/secret. You may refer to the instruction here to generate the JWT token:

There is no additional code required to use 5.0 SDK.

I will forward the feedback to the doc team to update the content. The content in the doc does need some updates for the 5.0 version, but the main features are still the same.


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Thank you, @carson.zoom !

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Glad to be helpful. I will go ahead and close this thread. Please feel free to create another post if any other questions. :slight_smile: