JWT Token not working in SDK

We use Zoom SDK [v5.2.41735.0929]

We are writing you to get some support on Zoom SDK init and auth with JWT.

Basically earlier we were using sdk version 4.6 and were able to authenticate with JWT token as mentioned in the documentation.

After updating on sdk 5.2 we are facing issue in sdk authentication.

We are using same code as used for version 4.6 at client side to authenticate sdk with generated token and it returns [.ZoomSDKError_Failed, .ZoomSDKError_Uninit] raw value 3

We are using Swift 5 to build our application.

Also one more more thing we noticed is that same JWT token return success in provided Objective C Sample project for Zoom SDK.

Below is the code we are using to initialised and auth sdk (you can find it in ZoomService.swift of attached sample project).

static func initAndAuthZoomSDKWithJWT(token:JWTToken,delegate: ZoomSDKAuthDelegate) -> Bool{
        let sdk: ZoomSDK = ZoomSDK.shared()
        sdk.enableDefaultLog(true, fileSize: 50)
        let useCustomizedUI: Bool = false
        sdk.zoomDomain = AppConstants.zoomSDKKeys.kSDKDomain //zoom.us
        let authService =  ZoomSDK.shared().getAuthService()
        authService?.delegate = delegate
        let authContext = ZoomSDKAuthContext()
        authContext.jwtToken = token.token //setting validated token received from token generator and it is working fine in sample project you provided
        let response = authService!.sdkAuth(authContext)
        if response == ZoomSDKError_Success{
            return true
        return false

We also tried this super simplified code and are still failing:

static func initAndAuthZoomSDK(delegate: ZoomSDKAuthDelegate) -> Bool{
let sdk: ZoomSDK = ZoomSDK.shared()
sdk.zoomDomain = β€œzoom.us”

    let authService = sdk.getAuthService()
    if (authService !== nil) {
        authService!.delegate = delegate
        let response = authService!.sdkAuth(AppConstants.zoomSDKKeys.kSDKAppKey, appSecret: AppConstants.zoomSDKKeys.kSDKAppSecret)
        if response == ZoomSDKError_Success {
            return true
    return false

Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-10 o 12.45.03

We were able to figure this one out. It turned out that if you don’t link the SDK using Xcode 10 you will run in a lot of problems. We linked using Xcode 11…

Hi @tmiskiew,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Yes, as mentioned in https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-macos, currently the macOS SDK is not yet supporting Xcode 11, please use Xcode 10 for development.

Thank you.

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