iOS Zoom SDK integration in a capacitor plugin


I would like to use the iOS Zoom SDK in an Ionic application. I know there working is a Cordova Zoom plugin for (cordova.plugin.zoom - npm) this but it is no longer maintained and does not have the full functionality I need.

So I downloaded the latest updated SDK (version from the marketplace. I followed the instructions on the page

I manage to build the Capacitor plugin (tested with capacitor 2 and capacitor 3) with the npm run build command, and the framework is well recognized when importing mobileRTC.

When I want to use this plugin in an Ionic application (Ionic 5.5.2, capacitor 3.2.2) and I open xcode, the framework is not recognized.

(After a npm run build && npx cap sync ios && npx cap open ios). I have the error : “No such module ‘MobileRTC’”).

Did I forget something ?

Thanks for your support !

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. Ionic capacitor plugin creation with

npm init @capacitor/plugin

  1. Import the framework with this guide

  2. Build the capacitor plugin with the iOS Zoom SDK

npm run build

  1. Create a simple ionic application, and install the plugin locally, then build the application, sync iOS & open xcode.

ionic start

Add “my-awsome-plugin”: “…/my-awsome-plugin” to package.json of the app

npm run build
npx cap add ios
npx cap sync ios
npx cap open ios


Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Tested on physical device (iPhone 8 - iOS 14.7.1)

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