Is Electron SDK having same custom functions as Windows SDK?


Are all functions which are available in Windows/MAC SDKs available in Electron SDK?


I don’t think so.

One difference I saw is that the Electron app SDK doesn’t have the ability to send (private) message via code, whereas the Windows SDK does.


Hi @sam.decrock

do you mean private message to host? and Can this be controlled manually from the UI?

I mean chat messages. Chat messages to the group or to a single person can be sent using the c++ sdk but not using the Electron sdk. But I suspect that will be fixed in the future.


Hi @helloparent,

Thanks for the post. Due to the framework constraints, some features that are available in native SDKs might not be able in the Electron SDK, such as the Custom UI features. And some of the interfaces that could be added but are not yet available in Electron SDK such as the one that @sam.decrock has mentioned above.

Hope this helps. Thanks!