Is is possible to make a quick video call similar to whatsapp/ hangout (not the meeting)

Instant video calls OR Looking for a solution similar to Google hangout/ whats-app video calls
Which version?
Any or the latest


  • Mobile
  • Web

Additional context
Is that possible to make quick video calls to any of my contacts from my custom app ?
For example, I have a mobile app which has its own contact list in it. by selecting any of those contacts/ groups, I should be able to make the video call instantly. Other side user should get an incoming call prompting (similar to hangout/ skype etc)

Hi arunrsaraswathi,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. It is possible to build an app you are mentioning with our SDK. Our SDK is a meeting-only SDK so you will need to handle the part that manages the contact list, send an invite, receiving the invite, etc.

Hope this helps. Thanks!