Is isRenderSelfView WithVideoElement necessary?

According to the Zoom Video SDK documentation, I’ve implemented the code like this:

{mediaStream?.isRenderSelfViewWithVideoElement() ? (
  <video id={SELF_VIDEO_ID} />
) : (
  <canvas id={SELF_VIDEO_ID} />
  1. If I want to use only one of these elements (video or canvas), which one should I choose?

  2. If I decide to stick with just one element and don’t use isRenderSelfViewWithVideoElement, what would be the performance difference, if any, under certain conditions?

Hey @r.kita

Thanks for your feedback.

For performance optimization, on mobile browsers, rendering the self-view on the Video element provides better performance compared to the Canvas element.

However, in the case of SharedArrayBuffer enabled, it is more efficient to render both the self-view and other’s view on the same canvas.

To simplify the decision-making process, our Video SDK offers a method called isRenderSelfViewWithVideoElement() which indicates whether to use the Video element or the Canvas element.


We are not using SharedArrayBuffer, so we will go with the video elemen.

If performance improvements become necessary, we will add a check for isRenderSelfViewWithVideoElement.

Thank you!

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