Element for Video sdk for mobile

Video SDK Type and Version

  • video SDK web: 1.3.0

i try to use 2 video on mobile web browser?
should i use 2 canvas or 2 video element ?
i tried using 2 canvas but have error on some devices ?

Hey @dajneem23

Thanks for your feedback.

On the Android browser, use the Video Element for the self video, and the Canvas Element for the others’ video, one canvas per video.

On the iOS browser, use Canvas Element for both self and others’ videos, and also one canvas per video.



i tried using 1 video and 1 canvas for android browser but i got this error

what did i do wrong?

Hey @dajneem23

Could you try our sample app? In Android browsers, it can not be able to enable the enforceMultipleVideos.


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