Is it posible to get meeting report immediately after the meeting?

i create web hook and i catch meeting end and i want to get this meeting’s report and metrics info but i get {“code”: 3001,“message”: “Meeting ID is invalid or not nd.”}

Hello Support LearnonAir,

Just to confirm were you referring to GET{meetingId} and what is the meeting ID that you were trying to find so that we can take a closer look?


Hi; sorry for late answer

i need to learn how many minutes host be in meeting so when meeting end zoom web hook service send me meeting info at this time i call GET{meetingId} rest api with meeting id which is i get from zoom web hook service meeting info.

In my problem is not about with rest api{meetingId} function after some minutes later from meeting ending i can get meeting report but i want to get this meeting report when zoom hook send me meeting end info

am i clear sorry about my english :frowning:


Hello Support LearnonAir, 

To clarify, you wanted to know how many minutes it takes for the webhook to send you the information after the meeting ends correct? Usually after the meeting ends via the client or web its almost instant. If its through the API, sometimes it takes up to 30 secs for the notification. 



yes you are right when meeting was end zoom webhook to send me the information after the meeting almost instantly. At this time i want to get this meeting’s report and metrics info but i get {“code”: 3001,“message”: “Meeting ID is invalid or not nd.”} this error. I want to learn that how many minutes it takes for the getting meeting’s repot or metrics information after meeting was end.

Actually, what I need is the duration information for each host for each meeting s/he has attended. Since I need to get this information via API just after the webhook meeting information that zoom sends me, the error message {“code”: 3001,“message”: "Meeting ID is invalid or not end.”} is turning. I want to ask why this error message occurs after I want to ask meeting reports using API to get duration information of this meeting. In order to make this clear, I am writing the steps I fallow:


  1. Using zoom developer account, we set the adjustments to get webhook after each meeting ends (this is ok, we always get webhook)

  2. Just after we get each webhook, we ask for meeting report from zoom using API ({meetingId}), 

  3. We cannot take the report and this error {“code”: 3001,“message”: "Meeting ID is invalid or not end.”} occurs.


We do not want to get this report for a specific meeting. We need to get this report via API after each meeting. In that manner, what should we do not to get the error?

I am facing the same issue.
I am ending the meeting using meetings/{meetingId}/status API and want the meeting information instantly using past_meetings/{meetingID} this API for getting the meeting data

Hey @nilesh.bunde,

Have you tried utilizing our Webhooks for this?

After you receive the Meeting Ended event, you can call the Get Past Meeting endpoint.


Hi @tommy ,

We want to add some call specific values (complete, incomplete, no show etc.) after call ended, which will be inputted by the host in our web APP. So that value will not be available in webhook notification.
What is the maximum time will it take to end meeting using API?
Please let me know if there is any solution, workaround for this use case.


Hey @nilesh.bunde,

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

You could use the API or Webhooks to figure out who did not show up for the meeting.


Hi @tommy,

Also can I call meeting-participant-reports??


Hey @HyoSeong,