List of participants and connexion time


Is there a way to have the list of participants in a meeting ?
And is it possible to know how long did they in the meeting.


Hey @EVant,

Yes, you can use the following 2 endpoints:



I’m trying to save participants list from past meeting with the following url
url = "{meeting_id}/participants?page_size=300"

I know that my meeting id is correct and finished.
117110419 - 2020-03-27T14:45:00Z

Even though I receive this response

404 Error
{'code': 3001, 'message': 'Meeting ID is invalid or not end.'}

I suppose that the host didn’t close the meeting for all.
How can I close them and get participants list ?


Hey @EVant,

You can end a meeting via the Update Meeting Status endpoint..

Or you could watch for the meeting to end via the Meeting Ended Webhook, and then call the participant report endpoint.


Hi @tommy - is there a delay between when a meeting has ended and when the participant report is available?

Hey @sgani,

There could be - what kind of delay are you seeing?


Thank you for your answers.

I’m doing batch processing, so I can’t set a webhook.

Eric Vantroeyen

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@EVant Gotcha.Yes make sure meeting is not in progress.