Is it possible to sync zoom event if the event in generated from API and populated in an ics file, then created in Outlook?

When I created a meeting in Zoom via API, and generated an .ics file with the zoom meeting details. Afterward I added the .ics file into Outlook and schedule a meeting. The meeting is created, when you updating the meeting request in Outlook,the original zoom meeting is not being recognised, another new meeting got created with the same meeting title?

With the custom generated .ics file with the zoom meeting URL created in Outlook, when you update the meeting in Outlook, the original zoom meeting is not being recongised, and it generated a new meetings instead.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?{userId}/meetings

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a zoom meeting via the Zoom API
  2. Generate an ics file with the API response details (e.g.: join url, title, etc).
  3. Click on the ics file and create the meeting in Outlook
  4. Click on the created meeting in outlook
  5. Update the meeting time for the created meeting.
  6. In Zoom, a new event got generated with the same title but different meeting ID and URL, and the old event is still there.

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Hey @malcolmt1215,

Thanks for the detailed post.

Are you using the Zoom Outlook plugin?


We are using the Zoom Outlook plugin in Outlook, but the ics file is generated from our web application, we created the meeting through Zoom ZPI and generated the ics file from our web application which it does not sync with the Outlook plugin, is there any documentation on how we can generate the ics file properly to let the plugin recognise the event or alternatively is there any API for downloading the ics file from Zoom?

Hey @malcolmt1215,

As we don’t currently have an API endpoint for downloading or generating ICS files, I recommend reaching out to, as they are they experts in this area and would be best suited to assist with troubleshooting this plugin and the associated issues with the .ICS file.


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