Is the iOS SDK available on POD?



Kindly tell us the podname of ios sdk and how to install it


In addition to Ananya’s request, it would be great if your team could also provide us with a Swift sample app.


Edit: Pleas disregard this comment. I already found your Swift sample code:


Hi Ananya,

you can install the sample by using Xcode and run the sample on emulator or real machine. 




Hi Cleofas,

please take a look at




Hi Wei Guo, I need to add this app in my app but i am unable to do so.


Kindly tell me how can i add this app in my app


Hi Ananya,

please do some research on integrating third party library/frameworks into iOS application.



can anyone tell me pods of zoom ios sdk


Hi Ananya,

you can add Zoom SDK by go to project setting -> “General” -> “Linked Frameworks and Libraries” and add “mobileRTC.framework”.