Is there a feature to allow Zoom meeting participants to communicate with each other without using a server?

Zoom Apps Configuration
Node.js + Express project( based on zoomapps-sample-js.)

I’m developing an application where when one Zoom participant presses a custom button, the action is shared with other participants.
I’ve implemented the basic functionality, but if possible, I would like to achieve this without having to set up a server(e.g. express).
Is it possible to achieve the functionality of sharing information between meeting participants when a Zoom participant presses a custom button using only the features supported by Zoom(e.g. Zoom SDK, Zoom API)?

This is my application image.
If some participant press the button, count up the number, and share the counts with other participants by using websockets.



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I have checked all the repositories provided by zoom, but I could not find any examples that achieve the function of exchanging data between participants without a server.
I’ve also checked the documents, but Icould not find such functionality too…

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Thank you for your cooperation.

@y_tasaka Hope you will be fine.

Currently, only you can achieve this by using WebSockets or REST APIs. The best is WebSockets. Thanks

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