Is there a way in websdk to force zoom mobile app to open on mobile devices?


I am using the websdk to host zoom meetings in my website.
The support for mobile devices is limited for zoom sdk. especially for ios.

I was wondering is there is an option to force users to open the meeting of the websdk in thier own mobile app (and if they dont have the mobile app - then ask them to download it).


Which version?

Hey @vermont,

Yes, you can use the start_url / join_url respectively, which will open the Zoom App if installed, or prompt the user to install the Zoom App.

Let me know if that makes sense! :slight_smile:


hi tommy

we have a web application with the Zoom Web SDK and it opens from mobile devices, but unfortunately it is very unstable, therefore they suggest me to open the mobile Zoom app to generate the meeting … which is possible to send data such as:

  1. Id Reunion
  2. Participant Name
    to stop from a url schema?
    if so I have version 1.8.6

I have reviewed the forum and found some tickets for 6 months on the same subject and this option is deprecated, destroying the documentation no longer appears …

if this way is not possible … how should I do it so that the meeting opens automatically from the mobile zoom app?


Hey @eliana.castro ,

To open the Zoom app and start or join the meeting/webinar, use the start_url and the join_url respectively.


Hi tommy thanks about your answer

I’ll implementing this, start_url and the join_url from app mobile

Hey @eliana.castro,

I’m glad to hear that @tommy answered your questions! If you encounter any further issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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