Opening a unique join URL from a web browser on mobile doesn't launch Zoom app

We create unique zoom join urls. e.g. Join a Meeting - Zoom
These are clickable through a link on our website.

Recently, a host of users have been clicking on it, launching it through their zoom app and getting nothing.
Now the solve to this we’ve observed, is by

  1. Changing the ‘Open supported links’ settings on their android device to ‘Don’t open in this app’.
  2. Or by copying the link into another tab.

But I can’t get every potential user to do this. Is there any other solve?

Hi @sparkstudio, we do intend for that URL to prompt open a Zoom application on the device, rather than to force to the web client. For web-first experiences, the Web Meeting SDK would allow you to manage the web application the meeting is joined from; however, this would mean you distribute links to your own application and not the Zoom URL.