Is there a way to check if a single email address is registered?


Looking for something less heavy-handed than listing all registrants via - something more like but for registrants


I assume is a little less heavy

What is the use case?

FYI, If a participant is already registered with an existing email address, it will over write that registration, a new one will not be created


If user is logged in and their email address matches a registered email, I want to display a warning on the event page so they don’t register twice, since we also accept payment as part of registration. (Only a warning though, as user may still wish to visit the registration page to register somebody else or pay for a second person sitting in the room with them during the webinar.)


So the only way for them to register is via your form?

Best way is to store this information on your end

Table: webinar_registrations

webinar_id | email

12345 |

12345 |


You could then query “SELECT * FROM webinar_registrations WHERE webinar_id=<webinar_id> AND email=<email> LIMIT 1”

If you get a result display warning, if not don’t





It would be ideal to get it from Zoom—since you have to track registrations, you’re already set up to do that query efficiently. It would actually put less load on your servers than having to return the entire list. Storing it myself would require adding a database to a service that is otherwise stateless. Would it be possible to put in a request for an endpoint for this feature?