Is there a way to only get web hook events of a particular user group which is under an admin account

I am trying to get events from users who belong to a particular group, is there a way that i can do that using event subscriptions ?

Hey @karthickmarshal,

You have a few options here.

  1. Create a User Level OAuth app, which will give you the webhooks from each user who installs it.

  2. Or Create a Account Level OAuth app, and limit which users will receive the webhooks:

  3. Or with an Account Level OAuth App (or JWT, or Webhook only), receive all the webhooks from the users on the account, but implement logic in your code to check against userID or other respective field in the webhook to see if they are in the particular user group.

Does that make sense? I suggest using either option 1. or 3.


Thank you for your inputs @tommy , it was of great help


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You are welcome @karthickmarshal! :slight_smile:


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