Is there an API Call to send messages to a chatbot tagged by a Reaction

Let’s say somebody says to me:

“please fix the kitchen sink”

I want to click on that message and add an arbitrary reaction. This reaction would send to a chatbot:

  • the above message “please fix the kitchen sink”
  • the timestamp
  • the person who wrote the message
  • the person who added the arbitrary reaction to the message
  • the arbitrary reaction

Also, replies to the above message should also be sent to the chatbot

This would allow the chatbot to create a jira ticket with all the necessary fields. Replies would be added as comments to the jira ticket.

Welcome, @mdiez,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Can you share more details about your use case and what you are looking to accomplish? Specifically, what pain points you are currently facing in your development process?


In the place where I work, we use zoom to communicate with each other. Both as video conference and to exchange instant (text) messages.

And daily people ask me to do some chores for them.

Something as simple as “please fix X, it seems broken”.

Due to how my company work, I must go to our ticket tracking system (which happens to be Jira, but it could be anything).

I need to create a ticket.
I need to assign me as the “Assignee” and the person who made the “request” as the reporter.

Only then I can start working in.

This process is repetitive, annoying and time consuming.

I wish I could simply go on the zoom message of the person and and flag it with a specific reaction (for example a ticket icon or a help sign or a panic face or whatever). This reaction should trigger an API call to my webhook.

My webhook could then go to our tracking system (Jira) and there create the ticket, put the message as the header and/or body of the ticket, assign the “assignee” and the “requester”.

Everything automatically, just with me adding tagging one simple message with a specific reaction.

Please feel free to contact me in case of further questions. I’ll be more than happy to help.

Thank you!

@donte.zoom did you get my answer to your question?

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