Is there an API for Virtual Background

I am looking to see if an API or SDK exists that allows you to alter your virtual background while a meeting is running.


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Our APIs do not support these in-meeting changes/configurations at this time.

@alexburke78 I stand corrected… (edited 4/15/2020)

Virtual background is available on iOS, Windows and Mac SDK. Android SDK does not have it since Android Client itself does not have this feature.

It’s a shame, I registered myself as a developer to try to create a way to change virtual-backgrounds using the stream deck of the el gato brand.

There’s no way to change the virtual backgrounds from hotkeys or commands?

Hi @mcariboni, there is no API for this as virtual backgrounds are stored and used on the user’s client, not their user account settings / data.

We understand how this could be helpful! We’re evaluating how and where we can add this to our roadmap.


@alexburke78, thanks for raising this question!

I’d add a request for an API that changes (virtual) background for participants - by the host, separately per each participant.

Hi @gureku, this is a good idea, but we’ll need to be very careful about the authentication and permission requirements around this.

Yes: allowance per meeting would be ok.

But the potential is way more than just for fun.

Hope that’ll happen, alobg with an API for that. :slight_smile:

Hi @gureku,

We’ll take your request into consideration for a future API release. You can checkout our upcoming API changes page and our Developer roadmap to stay up to date.


I found a pretty good solution to my webinars. Using Wirecast you can set your webcam as an input device and create an output Virtual Webcam. So, in zoom I only need select this webcam and I can manage everything that appears on the Webinar.

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Nice solution @mcariboni! :slight_smile:


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