Is there an API to get in-meeting chat details?

I’m trying to get information on in-meeting chats. From what I can tell, this seems to be stored differently than Zoom Chat details. Is there a way to get information regarding a chat that occurred during a Zoom meeting? This would include any information on files that may have been shared. It looks like GET Meeting Recordings Endpoint will provide the chat text. Does the meeting need to be recorded to get that? I also don’t see a way to get the file info, if a file was shared in a chat.

Thank you.

Hi @Chadster ,

You can use archiving or cloud recording to access chat information:

These would be the best options :slight_smile:

Thank you @gianni.zoom! I wasn’t familiar with archiving and it looks like it could be a good way to go. Does this archive anything regarding files sent via in-meeting chat? I see a recording_type of “chat_file”, but in looking at the “file_type” attribute, it looks like this may correspond to the text file containing the chat text. I can’t quite tell from the API and the documentation. I may just need to disable the file transfer feature in in-meeting chats.

Regarding Cloud Regarding, we have HIPAA constraints, so that may not be an option for us.

Thank you for the info!

Hi @Chadster ,

Yes you’re correct it contains the text file containing the chat text, but not the actual files sent via in-meeting chat. But you should be able to see the file name sent in the chat. Would that be helpful for your use case?


If the filename is available in the chat transcript, I think that would be sufficient.