How to retrieve chats from meeting via API

I would like to retrieve the chats associated with a meeting.

I have enabled auto save of all chats, both in settings and in IM settings.
The chats are being saved and are available for the meeting ID I am using to test, as I can download them using the GUI in tab-delimitted CSV from:{meetingId}

According to the docs, I should be able to download the chat transcript and details by making a request to:

However, the docs for that API call don’t show any such options, and it does not seem to work:

Furthermore, when I make a request to /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings I get a JSON object with all of the relevant info, but it does NOT include the chat transcript.

This is true even where I am testing with a recording that has a chat available to download using the GUI.

Am unable to use the API to access chats.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Using CURL with authorization string

Which Endpoint/s?{meetingId}/recordings

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Request{meetingId}/recordings with a meetingid of a recording that has a chat transcript.
  2. See that the chat transcript is not available

Hi @rachel1,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help.

First, I just wanted to confirm—are you looking for the meeting recording’s transcript, or the in-meeting chat messages from the meeting? If it’s the former, this is accessible via the Recording endpoints as long as you meet the prerequisites outlined here:

Let me know if you can confirm when you have a chance—thanks!

According to the page at: There is an endpoint to retrieve the in-meeting chat messages. Is this document not updated?

I have been able to retrieve each user’s chats via the endpoints See here.

Isn’t it odd that I CAN retrieve each users chat history, but NOT retrieve the same chats over the time of the webinar?

Hi @rachel1,

Thanks for the prompt reply, and my apologies—you’re correct that in-meeting Chat should be accessible via the GET Recordings API.

Can I kindly ask that you share the meeting ID and full request URL you’re using with me at so that I can take a closer look?


I see that now the link to download the chat file is indeed in the response from /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings - not sure if that is due to changes, or just that I missed the link last time ??

However, the chat file is in the format

00:47:53	CTaly: Hi
00:47:56	Witch Hunt:	SUD
00:47:59	Mitch Wildly: Yes

Instead of a JSON with all the details, such as I would get from: /chat/users/{userId}/messages

  "date": "2019-09-17",
  "page_size": 10,
  "next_page_token": "",
  "messages": [
      "id": "F3CbafdljsfjkdfgBA7",
      "message": "And you?",
      "sender": "",
      "date_time": "2019-09-17T20:25:21Z",
      "timestamp": 1568751921626

I really need all the extra data, such as the timestamp.
The chat file which is given does not even have the messageId or the userId, so I cannot even query to /chat/users/{userId}/messages/{messageId} to get each message individually.

How can I get all the chat details, (which are evidently stored in Zoom), and not just the severely shortened chat file?

Hi @rachel1,

We are working on expanding the detail level of the Chat file that is returned, and this will support JSON in the future. We expect this update to be rolled out in the near future.

For now, however, the Chat file returns all the available data.


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