Is there anyway to hide some/all participant's video feed during a meeting?

As a Developer I very often find myself being invited to zoom meetings that I do not control. I personally have a need for audio only meetings with sometimes viewing a shared screen. I do not want to see other peoples faces - both on the window which has all participant tiles and in the window that shows the current speaker / shared screen. I do need to be able view a shared screen.
I am on the Free plan.
Is this available on any plan? Any plugin that can help? Something more technical / programmatic?

Hi, @imaliraz51,

Thank you for posting. Currently, programmatically stopping incoming video is not supported. However, you can consider turning off the incoming Video button for meeting participants via account settings. It can be turned off in account/group/user setting, I’ve linked our help documentation on that below :

Stopping all incoming videos in a meeting or webinar

Let me know if this helps.

I just discovered Stop incoming video Features which looks very promising. This might be a new feature or I enabled something something in settings to make it visible. Need to check it out.

Glad to Stop incoming video Features looks very promising, @aamirmurtaza67 . We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the feature. Let us know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards

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